Aussie Slang Tea Towel

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Host a BBQ like a Dinky Di Aussie or learn some Aussie Slang while doing the dishes!

Here are some popular slang terms that Aussies actually use everyday:

 Arvo = Afternoon

Bevvy = Alcoholic drink (usually beer)

Chuck a fruity = go crazy at someone / thing

Dunny = Toilet

Pozzy = Place / position

Stoked = Very pleased

Bogan = Redneck

Esky = Outdoor portable drink / food cooler

Sickie = Taking a sick day when not sick

So, take a sickie, grab an esky and enjoy a bevvy with your fave bogan mate in the arvo! He will be stoked! (but don't let your boss know or he will chuck a fruity!)

Made & Designed in Australia


100% Cotton Drill Tea Towel
Approximate size: 48cm x 79cm (approx)

High quality, printed in Australia.

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