Koala throws a tantrum after being kicked out of his tree January 29, 2016 16:46

This may make you laugh, it might make you cry or do both. Here is a video of a very upset koala who throws a tantrum  >

I was about to pop out on my daily 'Koalafication' post office run when a koala fight taking place out the front of the office caught my attention. It's not rare at all to hear koalas fight during breading season, but I have never SEEN anything like this before! The way the small koala cries like a child, how it moves like an animatronic toy, and those Human emotions in her wet eyes! There are parts during the fight where my hands get shaky when filming ( I edited this part out)  I am torn as what to do, heart said to pick up the small koala, give it a cuddle, a warm eucalyptus bottle, wrap it in soft rug and cuddle it until it falls calmly asleep in my arms safe from the bully! But my head said not to interfere. (Of course if there was there was serious threat of death I would have). If I had touched the fragile wild animal it would have became more anxious and I would have been bitten and clawed. I am not a koala expert.  My phone battery soon went flat so I sat and observed for the next half hour. Victory! by sunset the small koala had claimed the tree all to herself! A couple of days later she has found a very tall green tree about 400m from where the fight happened and the bully koala stayed at the front of the house / office. Phew! Lets hope these two keep their distance!

Alicia x

Koalas keeping their kool.. May 3, 2015 16:59

Koalas usually do not need to drink water, they get sufficient water from the leaves they eat. but in times of a good old fashioned hot Aussie heat wave  all the gum leaves dry up, and that means no more moisture for the poor koalas, this is when we see koalas getting crafty finding water!

Meet little Meadow, she was getting a bit too cosy during a heatwave, so an animal lover in Adelaide took her in and gave her a nice cold bath to cool down...

Koala hugs, Alicia x