A5 Journal By Aboriginal Artist Bessie Sims


'Ngarlajiyi Jukurrpa' - Bush Carrot Dreaming

A5 Blank Journal by  Bessie  Nakamarra Sims.
Includes information about the artist and artwork.

A5 Journal - Hard Cover
100 Pages
Blank Pages - 100gsm

Designed & Developed in Australia

Royalties from this product directly benefit the artist and their community.

Bessie Nakamarra Sims -

"I like painting cause it's my dreaming - Bush carrot, Yam Dreaming...From my father and grandfather's side. I like to teach kids my Dreaming. I want everyone to know my Dreaming from all over the world. I know and they can know..."

Bessie Nakamarra Sims' artwork has been exhibited since 1986 throughout Australia & around the world; including exhibitions in: New Zealand, USA, Germany, England, Scotland, French Polynesia, Belgium, The Netherlands, France and South Korea. Bessie's works are featured in the major Art Institutions in Australia and around the world.

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